6 Reasons to Start Grilling with Pellets

6 Reasons to Start Grilling with Pellets

Grilling and smoking are not only a great way to impart a unique taste to your food but also a healthier alternative cooking method that helps retain foods nutrients and flavour. These days the market is flooded with different grills and appliances that all claim to be the best way to cook your food, and picking between these can be tricky. Our aim is to inform you of the advantages of using wood pellets and why we think you should invest in a good pellet grill.

Traditionally BBQ meant either an open fire or Charcoal, both of which have their merits when it comes to generating smoking and enhancing the flavour and aroma of food. However both these methods require constant attention and maintenance. On the other hand wood pellets, grill food with much less effort and generate far less acrid smoke which gives food a bitter taste. Pellet grills are designed to function very similarly to convection ovens meaning that they cook food much quicker and use less fuel than charcoal and wood. Making pellets the most energy efficient way to BBQ.

Cooking on pellets gives you the most control of any method of BBQ. you can cook low and slow or hot and fast the choice is yours. Because the pellet grill functions more like an outdoor oven than a traditional grill, you’re not limited to what you can make. The sky is the limit. You also do not need to worry about flare-ups because there is no open flame to worry about.

How do pellets hold up against other forms of cooking?

Pellet vs Gas

The biggest difference between cooking using pellets and gas is the flavour! For the most part, pellets are made of flavourful hardwoods which impart a naturally sweet, spicy, smoky flavour to everything you cook; a flavour that is unmatched by cooking on gas.

Sure, you can argue that cooking over an open flame like you would on a gas grill gives off-flavour, but what if you could get that meaty, smoky flavour without the inevitable ashy, burnt and blackened taste?

Pellet vs Charcoal

Charcoal is well known for its signature smoky flavour but there’s one major difference that sets pellets apart from their charcoal counterpart: temperature regulation. Whatever temperature you decide to set your pellet grill too, you can be certain that it will maintain it. One of the biggest downfalls of a charcoal grill is that although it can achieve high temperatures, it’s difficult to maintain high temperatures, often requiring multiple fires to keep your grill at constant high temp over any long period of time. Pellet grills however allow you to set a specific cooking temperature and you know that it will stay constant which definitely makes for a much more predictable, manageable and convenient grilling experience. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Start Grilling with Wood Pellets.


  1. Safety

Pellet grills don’t make use of an open flame. This means the chance of flare-ups and grease fires and nearly none existent. This makes cooking on pellets grill one of the safest outdoor cooking fuels on the market today.


  1. Versatile

Pellet grills have precise temperature control, which can range from 180 - 500 degrees. This wide range of temperature control allows for long low and slow cooking as well as hot and fast meaning the range of recipes you can try and only limited by your own BBQ preferences.


  1. Easy To Use

Pellet grills are designed to be user-friendly, typically offering several that make grilling a breeze. To start, they have simple controls that are easy to understand, require minimal expertise to get your meat grilled to perfection, and wood pellets are a no-fuss fuel that takes up less space than any other fuel out there. 


  1. Fast Cooking

The idea of cooking food faster using firewood and smokers is gaining great popularity. Pellet grills save time and can help you cook the food faster and with a bit of ease. They can preheat fast in about 10 minutes, which is quite less than most of the barbecue grills, and are able to retain heat for extended periods of time. You can cook for about 20 hours per 20 pounds of pellets.


  1. Variety

No matter what your BBQ skill level is there is a pellet grill to match your preference and cooking style and the pellets for pellet grills come in a wide variety of different flavours such as apple, sugar maple, hickory and much more. A flavour for every special barbecue story.


  1. Quality Flavor

One of the biggest advantages of owning a pellet grill is the quality and flavour of food made on them. This is the reason why celebrated professional barbecue chefs use wood because it provides excellent bbq seasonings. Unlike charcoal, you are in a position to vary the flavour with the type of wood pellet you choose.

There are several options available when it comes to grilling nowadays. Pellet grills are one of the popular ways of grilling. They are easy to operate with a combination of easy set and go features. Pellet grills are quicker to heat compared to traditional charcoal grills. The burning pellet woods gives you an exciting smoky flavour with consistent temperature when grilling meat, fish, or vegetables. The wood pellets contain no additives and burn cleanly, with very little ash. If you’re looking for a sign to convert over to pellets, this is it.

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